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The people of Duino

The people of Duino…what are they like? And who are - or were in times gone by – the people of Duino?...people of the village or the castle?...of the stone houses up on the Carso or towards the sea which claws and gnaws the high cliffs?Pictures and faces from yesteryear recount, in this documentary, fragments of the history of these unique, rugged lands.The memory of mythical places at the mouth of the Timavo river, hill forts and dinosaurs blend with folklore linked to the sea and a land where Mediterranean herbs live alongside other coarse, thorny plants which cover the Carso rocks. Stories about fishermen, lords of the manor and castles, stories of noble falcons, of caves and dolines; ancient religious sites, Roman roads and stone quarries; archaeological sites still to be discovered and routes on Mount Ermada which speak of the Great War; paths traced high up on these rocks which plunge down into the sea; strange stone landscapes and distant stories.
produzione: Ufficio Stampa RAFVG
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